Between之間, 2010
performer:Olivia Foulke (USA) Bi-Jia Yang(Taiwan) Daniel Pop (România)
Improvisation, Inspiration im Cello : Hui-Chun Lin



THE WAY TO ENCOUNTER YOU-Library Project 與你相遇的方式-圖書館計劃, since 2010
"When I travel through a city or a small town, I would walk into the local library, open a book in the library randomly,
select a paragraph of words and cut paper for it extemporaneous. Then hiding the paper cut-outs in the library.
Maybe someday,the paper cutting will encounter you unexpected"



A Leaf For Stranger, Performance, 2005
葉子, 2005



Un-looking Shoot, 2002, ( Post- One Poetry issue#1, 2002 )
Performance, 2002
不用眼睛攝影術, 2002, 發表於壹詩歌創刊號2002.
135mm底片, 2002