CUTOUTS 剪紙系脈絡 > Wood 木

Installation view, in exhibition "Trilogy of Jam Wu’s Solo Exhibition <ⅲ/ Blossoms mean— decay, brilliance, and destiny>”, 2010.




Installation view, in exhibition "STEPHANEDOUCHANGLEEYUGIN X JAMWU”, Dress & Space Issue, 2009.




Installation view, in “stray Days - Taiwan Paper Cut-outs”Art Studio of JuMing Museum, Works:Water In The Mountain, Plywood-cut Installation, 2007.




Spread View, The River, Plywood Cut-outs, 1000(W)x1000(L)cm, 2006.
Combination View, The River, Plywood Cut-outs, 120(W)x600(L)x90(H)cm, 2006.